Reduce Wasteful Spending

Reduce Wasteful Spending

Why these guys are wasting their money in such nonsense advertising?


If you advertising on the web you need to focus on the Ads where is your money is going to spend. There are lots of websites like,, can be seen spending money on some nonsense ads, which are auto generated or created manuaaly but not monitored for its performance are running on the internet. I am not talking about only small ones, as I mentioned these are the big company are doing this.

Are they even not monitoring their campaign or their advertising agency charging them for such poor services??

There is no doubt, these campaigns are not monitoring and lots of money is burning in it. Is there any Google tool which can provide us an option to mark such ads as SPAM or NOT OKAY so owner can be alerted and get the such campaign/Ads changed accordingly.

amazon ads wastage of money

sellers wasting money in ads

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